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We Advise...

Our advisory boutique harnesses the cumulative expertise of our entire team to provide independent advise to our clients, corporations, financial sponsors, and governmentswith deal-specific advice including financing for M&As.

We Invest...

SI Capital Partners (SICP) is an independent Investment Company with a diverse portfolio in a variety of business sectors, including automotive, aerospace, agriculture and food processing, retail and logistics.

We invest directly in small to medium sized companies where we can contribute our expertise.


As a privately owned group, we make investment decisions in an informal environment.


Partners will discuss various proposals and opportunities, each bringing to the discussion their individual expertise and personal interest.


We invest in startups and turnarounds and we actively seek opportunities in complex, sometimes challenging environments.

Every member of our team has achieved outstanding business success in their own right; both at the highest levels of multi-national corporations and in an advisory capacity to various international organisations, global business leaders, and heads of state.


The diverse background of our team members with extensive experience across Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East, gives us a unique perspective for cross-border transactions.

Our collective exposure, not just as advisors, but as high-level 'deal-makers' and business conduits, provides a broad spectrum of understanding and opportunity to our clients.

With our unique approach and the caliber of our team, we are able to provide clients with unique insight and guidance, bringing a full range of exceptional opportunities, including: 


  • An extensive network of high-level contacts in the business and political arenas, particularly across Europe and MENA, but also in the wider international sphere

  • An exceptional breadth of experience and shared commitment of our team to leverage their collective abilities on behalf of our clients

  • The strength of our presence within the European and MENA regions, and our first-hand knowledge of cross-cultural needs as they relate to M&A challenges

  • A multi-faceted understanding of the international business climate and how its prevalent opportunities sit within a global context

  • Our proven capacity and commitment, particularly on long-term projects, to minimise risks and maximise returns on behalf of our clients​

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